Andrew L Gardner draws you into the plot while liberating your mind, confronting some difficult realities we have all questioned with his writing style. He has created a number of realistic fictional characters both engaging and simultaneously flawed.

His passion is understanding the human condition and how it adapts to the shifting sands of a fast moving world!

Alexander Day, the protagonist in the trilogy The Tribute Of Babylon. He embarks on a journey of personal development, motivated by conscience and principles, discovering an uncomfortable world that reaches further than he thought, and that threatens to destroy everything he cares for. Along with love interest Lydia Foster, the enigmatic Jaye JJ and his muse Jasmine Buckley, who together work against incredible odds. They are helped at the 11th hour from a surprising quarter. But will it be enough?

It is a sweeping, fast moving thriller set in an alternative present. Books 1 & 2 and 3 are available separately, or as  complete trilogy.

In addition to writing the thriller novels, Andrew also writes lifestyle pieces for a number of aggregators on an ad hoc basis.
He went to school at the local Secondary Modern where he became interested in the workings of the mind and how people interact with each other, this is reflected in his novels. The product of a working-class family, his father was an electrician and his mother a homemaker, Andrew grew up in South London, England, which further influenced his writing. He began casually writing at the age of twenty-five.
He now lives in Lincoln with his wife writing full time and is currently working on new material.

Andrew was a voracious reader and has enjoyed writing since he was in secondary school. His first choice of career was to be a journalist but life has a way of overtaking things.

Having worked in a variety of disciplines, including as a health coach and a hypnotherapist, he feels it is now time to rekindle that earlier passion. Currently working hard on getting some of that writing out into the world.

Over on the blog here will be short stories, observations and, hopefully, some interesting commentary

His author page is at algwriter here