The 2021 Animal Farm

Apropos to George Orwell

Currently the globalists, who right now seem to have the whip hand over us mortals, monitoring if not controlling just about every aspect of our existence, are pushing for a ‘Great Reset.’ This control runs from smart phone data farming, facial recognition street cameras, Facebook listening to us via messenger and our behaviours constantly analysed and the Behaviour Change protocols here and the Behavioural Insights Team here And those are just the ones we know about!

Perhaps it may help to understand what’s coming if you remember that the globalist’s mindset is akin to that of a a zookeeper. Currently, the zookeepers have their animals safely confined, but there remains a modicum of hope that the animals may liberate themselves.

History is filled with ideologies that seek to save people either from themselves or a foreign contagion. Until recently, this impulse, as the 20th century shows, has taken the form of political ideologies.

venezuela 1

For those espousing Marxism, the ideology sought to cleanse a people from the errors and machinations of the past. When the new ideas prevailed, even if only briefly, the alleged salvation from historical, social, and economic maladies required a reset of just about everything.

More often than not, this reset was accompanied by a sea of blood and violence. The objects of the salvation (people) often died or ended up were worse off.
I’m referring of course to communism and fascism.

What about capitalism? Whatever the ills of capitalism, it helps to consider the alternatives offered during the 20th century. Some have said history is just one thing after another. Others say history is the same thing after another.
In any case, the intellectuals of post modernity (see Thomas Sowell’s Intellectuals and society ) decided that people left to their own devices will get in the way of humanity’s salvation. Their solution is a global governance that will closely manage all human activity. Saving humanity is yesterday’s solution. Saving Planet Earth from humanity is the Real Deal. Who can forget Live Aid?

Enter the zookeeper.

puppy farm


In a zoo, the animals are confined. Their diet, reproduction, interaction with other species (races), consumption of resources (fuel and heating), etc. are carefully managed, depending on the zookeeper’s (globalists) management goals.
When the kept animals’ illness, infirmity, or age becomes a liability, they are put down being economically unviable units that are a drain on precious resources (profit).

In the 21st century, Covid19 has given the intellectuals and their political and media cohorts the ability to turn modern life into one giant zoo. Whatever the coronavirus’s root cause, whether intentional, accidental or just an accident, the ruling elite have embraced its usefulness as a tool to reorder society and economies. And it can be done across the globe.
I do not recall a time when all the world’s governments acted in such remarkable syncronicity. The virus-instigated collapse of the existing infrastructure (i jobs, income, mobility, access, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, et al.) has been incredibly swift. The question — “When will things return to normal?” — is regularly answered by the authorities: they won’t if they have anything to do with it.

The ruling class intends to see the “new normal, or’ the reset,’ its best shot.
The future the ruling class contemplates is one in which rights and privileges will be granted only to those who comply (vaccine passport will be your proof of this). Global mobility has plummeted, house arrest is mandated, jobs have vanished, goods will becoming scarcer, surveillance is an aspect of the new normal, and noncompliance is not tolerated. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of expression will be a fond memory.

We are to be told that this is all for the greater good. Save lives, save the NHS, it’s for your own safety. The elite have turned the world into a zoo, with themselves as keepers and the rest of us as the animals that must be trained or removed.
The power to command and control human activity is off the chart. The impulse toward totalitarian rule is as old as dirt. Those with the power to attempt it have always done whatever it takes, history tells us that.

The good news is that the animals in this new zoo are the most innovative, creative, adaptive, and resilient creatures on the planet. And they are not taking it lying down. And it looks like we have only just begun.

You can read the Unity News Network report on it here

unn march

Hundreds of thousands join peaceful Unite for Freedom march in central London

Main image Nicola Giordano

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