The Covid Rebellion Increases

Boris Johnson has announced that Michael Gove will be leading the review into whether the UK will implement a domestic Covid Passport, except it will probably be called something else. Suggestions being bandied about include Covid Status Cerification.  PoliticsForAll tweeted about it here


gove covid passport

But on 20th December 2020 Gove announced that there are currently no plans for a Covid Passport. So that’s some mission creep! (It was always going to be this way though, wasn’t it?)

Gavin williamson has also said he now supports it here possibly so he can go to the cinema, according to this article


But its not just the tin foil hat wearing AntiVaxxers who are feeling unsettled. Apparently the UK is threatening to make vaccines for medical staff mandatory after a critical mass of doctors and health care workers rejected the Covid19 vaccine. The NHS has now implemented a Covid19 Digital Staff Passport!


In England, a study of 20,000 staff at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has triggered alarm bells among vaccine advocates after 59% (2,843 of 4,863) of staff of Indian/ Pakistani extraction and 37% (499 of 1,357) of black staff outright refused it. Take-up was lowest among doctors (57%, 1,721 of 3,001), and highest among administrative and executive staff (73%, 2,537 of 3,465) and health care scientists (73%, 634 of 871).

Biomedical researcher Dr. Nilam Khan remarked that she, too, would urge people not to take the experimental vaccine.

“As a biomedical scientist who has studied molecular genetics and has a firm understanding of mRNA and genetic methods, I strongly oppose the administration of mRNA vaccines due to a number of different reasons,”

Khan emphasized. She expressed concern over the lack of long-term studies saying

The effect of mRNA (inactive or not), the lack of specificity to epithelial cells where the SARS-CoV-2 virus attacks and the possibility that the populations included in trials were too few. Injecting mRNA into the human body inadvertently will have consequences, most of which may not be measurable until at least a few years or decades ahead,”


On Monday, however, England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty threatened to make the jab compulsory for all medical and health care staff, insisting they have a “professional responsibility” to get vaccinated. Introducing Covid19 passports would hark back to 20th-century regimes where groups classed as ‘undesirables’ were denied certain freedoms and basic human rights.

vaccine star

And it’s not just the medical professionals from the UK that are becoming alarmed by these latest developments. Doctors from around the world issue warnings against vaccines for Covid19. Medical professionals in Italy, Ireland and Germany are also refusing the take the jab for a variety of scientific reasons.


Doctor Gerard Waters from Whitethorn Clinic in Celbridge, Ireland, is facing dismissal as a “conscientious objector” to the jab. Waters has announced he will not be receiving or administering the vaccine on safety grounds!

“My problem primarily is that I don’t think the pathogenicity of COVID is sufficiently severe to a) cause lock downs or b) to use a messenger RNA [injection],” Waters explained, quite ethically it could be argued, that he wouldn’t inject anything into his patients that he wouldn’t inject into himself.

Injecting mRNA into the human body inadvertently will have consequences, most of which may not be measurable until at least a few years or decades ahead. If anyone is stupid enough to want the vaccine, they’re entitled to get it,” Waters conceded rather bluntly. Four other doctors from Ireland have congratulated Waters for his conscientious objection, Dr. Pat Morrissey from Limerick says he, too, has concerns about the jab and so is treated as “a pariah among my colleagues.”


Eminent epidemiologist Dr. Paolo Gulisano noted that “the phenomenon of conscientious objection to the vaccine, for different reasons” was becoming more pronounced.
There are also conscientious objections due to the efficiency and risks of this vaccine. Side effects are being cited more and more, but this is something that shouldn’t be surprising because this is an experiment.” In the Italian port city of Brindisi, 30% of doctors are rejecting the vaccine, which is a very high percentage given these are educated men and women.

Rome’s doctors walked away from a vaccine hub at the city’s Fiumicino airport after being offered the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab instead of the Pfizer/BioNTech jab. But the pressure is mounting from government conrolling bodies.
In line with other governments, including the UK, Giuseppe Ippolito, scientific director of the Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome is demanding that “all health workers, starting with doctors, must be vaccinated against COVID” or be suspended from service.

Since Italian law prohibits compulsory vaccination, health authorities are issuing directives seeking to transfer doctors and nurses who refuse the vaccine away from departments that manage suspected or confirmed cases of Covid19.


Meanwhile, a German survey of medics shows that a quarter of doctors and over half of nurses in Germany are refusing to be vaccinated against Covid19. Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn said his ministry had only anecdotal data, with only 20% of medics receiving a jab in some settings.

Across Europe there are rumblings of discontent. But in the UK, If the government pushes on with what is now clearly their plan, given the blatant disinformation (lies?) and mission creep mentioned at the start of this article, there will be the logics of enforcement to deal with.

police 1

Will we see turnstiles at strategic points around towns and cities? Security outside every pub, cafe and restaurant? Will this be a privately funded police operation much like football stadia on match days? Not to mention the divisive effect to a beleaguered, tired and incredibly, increasingly polarised DisUnited Kingdom.

Main image Sammy Williams

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