Woke and The Postmodern

2020 seems to have been one long protest movement. Following on from my previous article about how Woke has taken command of our world (or thinks it has) I thought it might be useful to take another dive into its origins. Postmodernism, since it’s outset, has sought to destabilise society. It thrives on polarisation. Dispensing with structure, logic and reason it says ‘there are no overarching truths’. It is the opposite of free speech. And there can only be two possible outcomes. Submission or rejection, the latter often resulting in violence.

It has a number of names. Sometimes Cultural Marxism, BlackLivesMatter (BLM), Political Correctness (PC), Social Justice Warrior(SJW), LGBTQ or a variation of all the above. The generic term commonly expressed now though is Woke. As a postmodern movement, it is often couched in Marxist doctrines as per the French philosophers of the seventies, but it is not strictly Marxist, that just applies convenient, extra purchase.

Derrida was the foremost of the Postmodern thinkers. Dispensing with logic and reason and putting in its place ‘there are no overarching truths’. They argue there is no value in any one view but if there is no value system there is no point in creating anything. And if nothing was there (value) then nothing is being taken away. It follows then that there can be no progress.

With the total rejection of Western values Derrida stated that the ‘old way of doing things was phallocentric or paternalistic. It sought to breakdown the family unit and replace it with a collective, homogeneous sense of community.

This collective identity can now see any individual as an oppressor. If a house owner is protecting their property/ family from the baying mob, the mob has a valid right to voice their objection to an oppressive regime and the home owner, by extension, must be an oppressor. (Think white privilege, or in fact any privilege come to that). The goal? Undermine established western values and replace it with a nihilistic dystopia that is easy to control. A Woke analysis here

But how does it manifest itself now it is out of the Universities and into everyday life?

Look at the recent ballooning of protests, from BLM to Anti-fa to anti slavery protests resulting in statues being thrown into a river or generally vandalised! Even the statue of Churchill had to be boarded up.

churchill grafitti

Moving on to art, in art there is no distinction between high and low art anymore. Tracy Emin touted an unmade bed, complete with used condoms and soiled underwear. Damien Hirst exhibited a collection of coloured dots and a cows head being devoured by flies, who were in turn, killed by an insectocutor.

Music videos promote dysfunctional amoral behaviour. Admittedly  Wet Ass Pussy is an outrageous exampl,e, but it illustrates the point perfectly. (It is also boasts the most viewed lyrics on AppleMusic) There are TV shows showing broken families as normal. Reality TV promotes dysfunction as the new normal, like the Kardashians. Everything is becoming hypersexualised. Madonna’s early videos now look tame when you see Cardi B exposing her crotch and then insisting on her dignity as a ‘woman’.

WAP lyricsCardi b lyrics

With this hyper sexualisation comes the normalising of cheating on a partner (now called polyamorous and labelled as a new gender). The breaking of the family unit I mentioned in my article here

In another example of dysfunction, I read somewhere that Angelina Jolie says her only natural child feels pushed out of the family, probably being surrounded by adoptees that the child has nothing in common with. She (It?) has now decided it is trans!

Even music is dumbed down. The same riffs and hooks, repeated in song after song, offering the same experience. There is no alternative. Once this behaviour is taken as acceptable and normalised, our moral filter is gone.

Ironically diversity is now seen as every one looking different but all having the same opinion! It is more important to fit in than be an individual. An innovator. No one is daring any more.

George Orwell is credited with saying “There will be no revolution. No one will notice-they will be too busy looking at their screens.”.

This is what post modernism looks like. This is what cultural Marxism looks like and it is the fruits of political correctness. Woke has come of age.

BLM kneel 1

It is time to stop apologising for being conservative, most definitely small ‘c’- for having a western outlook. Get involved. Join local groups. Make your voice heard. Argue using rationality, logic and reason to dismantle this fallacy. But be polite. Engage in conversations whenever you can.

Our origins are being forgotten and need to be rediscovered. How do you know where you are going, if you don’t know where you are from?

Otherwise those amassing on the periphery will just march straight in. And they can, because we will be unstable, vulnerable, like any culture that has ceased to be relevant.

police van vandalised

Have you had enough yet?

Main image Derrick McKinney

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