A Woke Analysis

Quite a few writers have made the comparison of “Woke” ideology with a cult. A religion. Within the understanding of “Woke” is also some subsets of ideology; Antifa, Social justice Warriors (SJW), Black Lives Matter (BLM) HopenotHate, StandUpToRacism (SUTR) and various other left-of-centre activist movements that share a value system of removing an existing state (Western civilization) and replacing it with a utopia.

Francis Fukuyama wrote “The End of History” in 1989, in which he stated that democracy would be the world’s last form of government.

In the years following 1989, as globalisation took hold and democracy changed into a neo-liberal oligarchy, the credibility of government tumbled; who can forget John Majors rambling dealings over the Maastricht treaty in 1992, polls show that the system lacked the consent of the citizens, and decidedly so.

A gaping void was left behind at the heart of the free world where this final form of government stood, and politics, economics and even nature itself, abhors a vacuum. This was demonstrated very well after the period of Perestroika and Glasnost after the USSR fell. The organised (criminal?) cartels moved in where the KGB once ran things, to fill that vacuum.

Nearer home, the way was paved for ideologies of all forms, not merely in the world but in our country. The fall of the ideology of freedom, originally set out in Magna Carta and further expanded in the Enlightenment of Locke, Hume, Smith and others this in a short space of time, allowed for an interpretation of Western history and identity in which the government had failed to survive its own decay and devolved into a semi-liberal, authoritarian oligarchy.

This, in turn, paved the way for illiberal, even more regressive ideologies, (ironically called progressive), claiming to stand for freedom.

During the reign of liberal democracy (1637-2000), the world witnessed a wide range of ideologies, movements, and governments. I cannot recall a movement being able to accumulate enough power to cause the silence, driven by fear, to affect its own population and institutions.

We are in the midst of a Great Silencing, the quashing of all voices from both our present and our past where any reference to our history, statues and institutions is effectively banned to some forbidden memory hole.

The ideology or dogma has become so powerful as to so completely strangle public discussion, and demand absolute obedience from the entire population as the ideology today known collectively as “Woke”. And it acts like a fanatical cult, so how much has in common with a fanatical religious cult?

1 Remove established structure

Wokeness is a project to unilaterally tear down, and to re-structure, the entirety of our human environment—this includes all society, culture, customs, ethics, and politics across the Western world—to fall into alignment with the predefined ideals it desires.

What it desires is to get rid of all of Western civilization, past, present, and future, which it re-names “Whiteness”—the original sin, and to which it attaches its own re-defined adjective “racist“—and replace it with “Wokeness,” characterized first and foremost by its own re-defined attribute of overtly “anti-racist,” leading to covert “anti-Whiteness.”

These desires are subjective, based on feelings and desires, placing Wokeness in line with a postmodern, pre-Enlightenment mindset. The Woke disciples explicitly refute the philosophy of rational objectivity, which is seen as “racist,” or “white”. Its linguistics, lack of leadership structure, and determination to tear down of enemy and their systems rely heavily on postmodernism.

Woke, in its arrogance and self-righteousness, instead of moulding itself to the host civilization , it exercises the right and authority to systematically re-design it and every individual in it.

It does not negotiate its demands; it applies them.

Totalitarian movements always begin the process of constructing their new world by moving would-be populations into honoured groups and dishonoured groups, which function as in-groups and out-groups.

At marches, rallies, and other in real life (IRL) venues, members of racially dishonoured groups are segregated from the racially honoured-group members and prevented from showing their support for them in high-profile ways (leading chants, standing or walking at the front of the march, carrying certain signs, etc.). In every way, these “allies,”, are looked on with a degree of contempt (if they’re white, they’re still Woke-defined “racists”). In any case, they are barely tolerated, not honoured or selected for enforcement roles, are sometimes used as human shields, and are always treated as expendable.

Although Wokeness expresses active animosity toward dishonoured groups and specifically targets them for re-education and punishment, (Gulags?) individuals in this category are allowed to live normal lives for so long as the Woke deem them to be acceptable.

Unlike the honoured group, they do not enjoy the benefit of the doubt. They are, after all, the descendants of the makers of the despised host civilization. Those who do earn acceptability are rewarded with a correspondingly low stature within the Woke Religion itself.

The Woke in-group will consists of all loyal members of the honoured groups, who occupy its upper status, and those members of dishonoured groups who have agreed to act in accordance with their own dishonoured status, are left to take up the lower, expendable status.

2 Attack the enemies of the cult. Relentlessly

All totalitarian movements are characterized by an intense, unwavering focus on their declared (domestic) enemies, which are needed, in order to survive, thrive, and expand their powers. This has echoes of Stalin’s series of “5 Year Plans” as inStalin’s series of ‘5 year plans’

Specifically, the domestic enemies of Wokeness include all dishonoured groups, except those deemed acceptable. Its highest-level enemies are those dishonoured individuals who actively and openly dissent, deliberately ignore or mock the ideology line, advocate free speech or parity under the law. These people just disbelieve in the concept of honoured and dishonoured groups, which for this new Religion is the highest form of blasphemy.

People who express these opinions publicly with the intent to influence the views of others constitute the open dissenters from the faith, its dissidents. They are fully Awake to their own thoughts, and they deliberately choose to stand by their own ideas rather than surrender to the doctrine of the Woke religion. This overt dissent threatens the Woke hold on the population, and as such, it has to be forbidden completely: in order for Wokeness to complete its rise to power, dissent has to die.

A second category of enemies of Wokeness consists of those former members of the “allied” subcategory of the Woke in-group who have been turned upon for failing to behave in accordance with Woke expectations. These could be allies who either refuse to engage in compelled speech, neglect to participate in a Woke ritual or fail to do either with the required degree of passion, or frequency, and do not display a subservient attitude toward members of honoured group. (Any number of CivNats and centrists fall into this category, most notably, Sargon, Molyneaux, Toby Young and Douglas Murray)

A former “ally” can be excommunicated for reasons of personal opportunity by any honoured person . This would include false allegations of “racism” or some “phobia”—the cardinal sin—on the same pattern as #MeToo false rape allegations, or to satisfy some grudge. The former insider’s “white privilege” or “cis privilege” will often be held to be the cause of that person’s “true” self and justification for their excommunication.

Some of the Insufficiently Woke attempt to submit to the Religion, go along with it blandly because they think it is the moral thing to do and because they want to be left alone and are alarmed to find themselves out of compliance. They are still expendable. The religion dogma states explicitly that intent does not matter, because a dishonoured status is always at the root of the problem.

3 Rapidly change the ideology to instil confusion in the target population

Having divided the populace into honoured and dishonoured groups, The new religion builds the compulsion for compliance with its preferred hierarchies and friend/enemy classifications into everyday speech. This is done to force the population to speak and even think in ways that recognize, comply, enforce, and reinforce the relative status, or lack, of each group. Composed of sets of rules, rituals, customs, and beliefs, the party line stands as a superstructure through which the religion seeks to pre-determine all modes of thought, speech, and interaction.

Proclaimed onto us from outside our existing world view, from an illegitimate, unrecognised, self-anointed authority, the official line is arbitrary, ever-intensifying, and ever-changing. It evolves in ways that allow the legions to adapt, seize new opportunities, tighten their grip, and increase the efficiency of their enforcement through their ongoing collective learning process. Their approved script is constructed through linguistic webs whose objective is first to limit, and ultimately to close our understanding. It seeks to compel us to re-write our internal thought patterns in general, including our personal value systems and orders of priority, to bring them into line with its own.

The edicts are moving targets: they change continuously and are subject to change without notice or warning. Among the new Religion demands is that we exhaust ourselves to keep current with changes to sanctioned thought and expression the moment they are proclaimed. Decolonize academia became White fragility became White supremacy very quickly if you recall. Work is now optimised for the “honoured” group. Notice how work is now process driven, supported by verbal coding; using ones initiative is discouraged and this is designed to feel alien to the “dishonoured” white, male, able-bodied, CIS worker. No wonder young male suicide is now a silent epidemic

4 Deconstruct to reconstruct

In order to create conditions for the population to interact with the New Religion, re-structuring of the society’s self-perception is required. This starts, as it does in all totalitarian enterprises, with the deconstruction of the individual priming him/ her for assimilation into the Religion’s collective consciousness.

It starts with the presumption that the individual is unacceptable as he is and has to be reformed, like a convict is meant to be a reformed character after a prison sentence. The approach is then applied to the entire population.

The aim is the erasure of any previously-held beliefs and the inscription into the mind of the approved script in their place. Once the slate of the mind has been cleared, indoctrination is pumped in, and the person is re-educated, using propaganda and brainwashing,  backed by a declared claim of moral authority and a credible threat of existential consequences for non-compliance.

Wokeness shares with other totalitarian movements a propensity to focus sharply on the indoctrination of young people, especially the very young: children and young people are blank slates, and hence, the hard work of erasing long-standing values is not required.

The New Religion is deeply and aggressively injected into the educational curriculum. Having escaped the university, it made a beeline directly into the primary school system, to the point where a great deal of the standard curriculum for all schoolchildren is now structured around the indoctrination protocol. The Religion even has its own youth groups for honoured group children, like a religious school, which are strictly dedicated to delivering the approved ideology.

In adult life, the re-education comes in the form of seminars and diversity training sessions in the workplace. Its purpose is to tear down targeted individuals’ existing self-conceptions, civilization, history, and insistence on their rights. The idea is to turn them into blank slates in which the new Woke Religion and world view can be instilled. The Common Purpose has a had this perfected for some time here They boast of 90,000 alumni and having a presence in 100 cities globally! Quite an accolade as they have only been going since 1989.

  1. Successful graduates may even be motivated to participate in Woke-sanctioned activism. It is a feature of some many cults to bring the disciples into active and enthusiastic complicity with their own subjection. (Think Moonies, Scientology, Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple 

5 Add fear to the confused population

Anyone who has ever been to a totalitarian country will remember the tension that is always present. This tension is at the core of the environment, not just in certain kinds of interactions, but all of them. Goebbels is said to have favoured confusing the citizens, as then, for stability, they would accept whatever was told them.

It is created by the background existence of the authority, its ever-watchful eyes, its enforcements, and the severity of its punishments. It forces every person, every time he steps out of his house, and sometimes even within it, i.e., around his own children, and especially around his smartphone or laptop, to be aware of the difference between his free internal thoughts and his unfree behaviour. It requires every person to always take great care with every word and every action to be ‘correct’ and with sufficient enthusiasm to the mandated line.

To be in the Woke state of mind it is important that each member think primarily as a member of the greater collective, and not his/her individual thoughts. It removes initiative. It is process driven. Disciples think about elements of the new Religion all of the time, and to always be on the lookout for dissent (heretics). It insists on always being front and centre of a persons consciousness.

When everyone is walking eggshells all of the time, when everyone is afraid of making a mistake, of speaking the wrong word of forgetting to say something when it is required, of a “micro-aggression” against the honoured group, this is how the fear layer is brought into existence.

There will come a time when its presence will be undeniable, when the entire population, even the most naive will come to experience it. As Wokeness enters this mature phase of its development, it will be approaching the peak of its powers, and all but impossible to oppose or defeat.

The emergence of the fear layer, along with the sudden uptake of Woke doctrines and enforcement protocols into the mainstream of public life, even by multi national corporation, Proctor & Gamble pic confirms beyond any doubt that Wokeness as a movement is not consent-based, it is power-based.

Its authority is imposed. Submission to its rules are absolutely compulsory and are a part of the Religions ritual. Power is exclusive to the Woke, but that power may be removed from any person at any moment, on any arbitrary basis.

6 Prevent communication

When the Romans took over Alexandria in modern day Egypt, the first thing they did was destroy the temples of worship. This is where the Alexandrians met, exchanged ideas and socialised.

Those who are sufficiently Awake now can see it’s purge night. And purging is purification!

To dissent, in contrast, belongs to an individualist system; is an integral part of a form of government built on our civilizational values system.

A country emptied of its established history is not a country; such a country will find that its once-cherished monuments celebrating that history will automatically take on the features of meaningless symbols and be even easier to pull down.

The deprecation of the Last Night of the Proms is of course well underway: having partially turned it into a symbol for “racism,” the Woke legions have succeeded in putting a dent in it in most sporting events as footballers now take the knee.

And the fact that this Religion is able to do this openly reveals both the their intentions and the pathetic state of resistance in our country.

Today, instead of the dishonoured person being condemned to a lifetime of hard labour in a gulag or a re-education camp, or a midnight visit from the secret police, he is handed a sentence of “cancellation.”

Cancellation is defined as the social, economic, and cultural death of unacceptable individuals at the hands of the Woke mob, with a further objective of spiritual death in the cancelled person. Often the cancellation will be extended to the person’s family, employer, friends, and known associates: any associate of an unacceptable person is deemed unacceptable under the law of guilt by association, which has largely replaced the freedom of association of Magna Carta. Wokeness will force the spouse to denounce the fallen loved one publicly, a form of compelled speech, to avoid the automatic verdict of guilt by association, just as an employer would be expected to sever all ties with a cancelled employee for the same reason.

No person acting alone could hope to defend himself from the oncoming tidal wave populated by the small actionsof so many people tweeting, commenting and sharing the vitriol and hatred. Cancelled individuals and their associates are not entitled to the right to live a normal and peaceful life free from threats or acts of economic sanction, bodily injury, or even death.

If the transgression is severe enough the individual will be punished with the same fury as would be done to the Unwoke dissenter. They lacks the means to distinguish between the proudly Unwoke and the Insufficiently Woke, to discern shades of non compliance and hand out sentences accordingly. The mob possess a mind similar to the Darkseekers in I Am Legend These fictitious Darkseekers behave like violent mutants. They have no conscious awareness, and therefore, no conscience, no sense of their own actions being just or unjust; they are capable of neither empathy nor mercy.


7 What next?

If we are to prevent cultist totalitarianism from rapidly overrunning the remainder of what is left of our society and consolidating its powers, we will have to organize, first online and later In Real Life (IRL), until we convene at a place where we can confront and override the judgments, dicktats and faits accompli of the cult.

Re-establishing our principles as facts, built upon the foundation stones of the past, while looking toward the future, will require that we eventually overcome neoliberal rule. We must recognize that it is the historic failure of this country to repair and strengthen its institutions over the last decades that has opened the door to our neoliberal oligarchy’s would-be replacement, the post-modern. Our tolerance has been shown to be fundamentally flawed, This tolerance is taken as weakness by some, an absence of strong leadership devoid of vision has led to a complacency, even laziness.

First, however, addressing the problem of the immediate and urgent threat will require us to focus our efforts directly against the onset of the Religion. This means putting aside minor differences that can be ironed out later and focusing on the over arching treat to us all. Remember you are not alone, You are not the only one reading this. Although it can feel like you are, you are not.

Events have moved beyond the publicity and awareness-raising stage, and now are at the crossroads to building a well-thought out, practical, strategic, powerful defence action against it. And if attack is the best form of self defence, hiding our light under a bushel in case we offend someone will not work.

But words alone cannot defeat a movement that is already so deeply entrenched IRL, backed up by a powerful Silicon Valley and media presence. The next step would be to convene focused, private, practical discussions with small numbers of similarly-minded people to directly work on a credible operational strategy against the Religion, and to actually implement it.

This is what will put us in a position to change the game.

Wokeness has presented us with its main argument which. That is now our trajectory, unless we can get enough real-world power to reject it. If we don’t, Woke will soon accumulate and consolidate enough power to prevent any possibility of our ever being able to undertake these kinds of efforts, or any efforts against it at all.

Our ideals will only come through the fire if we who believe in it are willing, and able, to build real-world relationships, networks and systems capable of mounting a direct, strategic response.

Only by working closely together, with a strategic mindset, would we be able to deploy our combined human agency to directly altering the historical trajectory onto which Wokeness is so powerfully steering us.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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  1. This “cult” is called neomarxism and has been busy undermining civilization since the 1960s. The Counter-cultural revolution and the “civil rights movement” are its products in that era.
    Marxism used “equality for the proletariat” as its pretext to destroy pre-existing social structures, but Marx’s economic predictions failed to come true, as the Western/white working class became more prosperous, rather than pauperized. So the same type of people, those driven by subterranean resentments against society, changed their pretext to “equality for [blacks]/[women]/[gays]”.. The white working and middle classes became the new enemy, And just like marxist states were most lethal to workers (see Bela Kuhn, the Red Terror in Russia), so neomarxist policies were most harmful to their pet “minorities” (just look at what happened to black families and crime rates in the 1960s…).
    This thing is not recent. It’s been going on since 1950 at least. It’s the “long march through the institutions” that allowed them to seize cultural power and their indoctrinated generations of children have simply come of age now.


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