Watching History Repeat Itself In 2020

Despite the lock down and the economic crisis, unemployed figures are set to rise exponentially worldwide and companies are filing for bankruptcy, FTSE100 is on the up 1500 points since March, near enough corresponding to the pandemic ‘lock down’.

FTSE100 12-6-20


In the UK the Office for National Statistics  here calculated unemployment: the claimant count. This showed a rise of 856,000 to 2.1 million in April, the biggest monthly rise since modern records began in 1971.

The results don’t make comfortable reading.

One would have thought that the Left and progressive political institutions would be the first to be alarmed by these developments. We tend to believe that tempering the rich and their greed, caring for working people and fighting for equal opportunities and justice in general are the Left’s prime concerns.

This is brought into question, given the recent race baiting during the BlackLivesMatter protests, ordinary working people are all but forgotten in the searing heat of ‘race politics’. Monuments and road names, with any association with slavery or oppression are being eradicated at an alarming rate. Liverpool University have proposed remaing Gladstone Hall, named after Prime Minister William Gladstone. Its not that Gladstone profited from slavery, but his father did! This Saturday the Churchill statue in London is scheduled for a protest with a ‘pull-down’ quite likely. (As it happened, this weekend Antifa and BLM just managed to graffiti the shuttering around the statue

churchill grafitti


Instead of uniting us in a fierce battle against Big Money and what is left of our wealth and heritage, the Left is investing its last drops of energy in a ‘race war.’

The Left’s key ideological values of class struggle, that unites us into one fist of resistance against the globalist bourgeois, without regard to race, gender, or orientation, the Left wants a street battle.

This silence of the Left on the current “wealth growth” is not an accident. Left and Progressive institutions are supported financially and by Big Money and global financiers. (Think Soros and the myriad of progressive businesses/ celebrities. Yorkshire Tea being the latest.) This week the undercover reporters at Project Veritas (On twitter @JamesOKeefeIII) released this report on their funding stream.

This funding means that, in practice, the Left operates as a controlled opposition. It maintains its relevance by sustaining social and racial tensions that draw attention away from Wall Street and its crimes. The Left is also reluctant to point this current theft, as such criticism, even if it is legitimate, would immediately be censured as ‘antisemitic’ by the Jewish institutions that have appointed themselves to police Western public discussion.



There is plenty of history of such divisive politics from the Left and the way it often ends up betraying the Working Class. The collapse of the German Left in the early 1930s is probably the most interesting case-study of this.

Prior to the 1929 Wall Street collapse and the Great Depression, Germany’s fascist movement was a relatively marginal phenomenon consisting of various competing factions, a bit like For Britain, Britain First, UKIP and the embyonic Patriotic Alternative.

In the 1928 elections the Nazi Party received 2.8 percent (810,000 votes) of the general vote. But then the 1929 crash led to a rapid and sharp rise in unemployment, as we are all told to expect anytime soon. It went from 1.2 million in June 1929 to 6 million in January 1932. Amidst the crisis, production dropped 41.4 percent from 1929 to the end of 1931, resulting in steep rise in poverty. Like many of us at the moment, in the early 1930s millions of Germans spent long hours in food queues.

One would expect that the collapse of capitalism would have been politically celebrated by the German Communists and Marxists as the Germans lost hope in ‘bourgeois democracy’ and capitalism simultaneously. The German Communist Party (The KPD, the original AntiFa), like the Nazi party, increased its power following the economic meltdown. Yet the German Left missed its golden opportunity.

Despite the poverty and the austerity measures, it was Hitler who eventually won the hearts and the minds of the German working class. By the September 1930 election Hitler had won 18.3 percent and then in July 1932 37.4 percent.

In just four years the Nazis increased their support by 13 million votes!

A lot has been written about the failure of the German Left, both Marxists and Communists, to tackle Hitler and Fascism. Some Marxists are honest enough to admit that it was actually the KPD, its authoritarian and divisive politics that paved the way for Hitler and Nazism.

Like Stalin and the modern Left, the German KPD was quick to employ the term ‘fascist’ to describe any and all political opponents. In an act of gradual self-marginalisation, the German Left reduced itself into irrational political noise that finally lost touch with reality. The KPD were so removed from comprehending the political transition in Germany that on January 30, 1933, the day Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, the KPD declared: “After Hitler, we will take over!”

Like the radical Left today, the KPD fought street battles against the Nazis from 1929 to 1933. These battles cost the lives of many Nazi and KPD members. But in 1933 no political group paid as high a price in as the KPD. Nearly a third of KPD members ended up in prison.

One of the most concerning aspects of Left politics is the peculiar fact that agitators who claim to be inspired by ‘dialectics’ appear blind to their own ideological past. They are detached from the present and totally removed from the ‘future.’

In the USA Trump often makes the right decisions, if sometimes for the wrong reasons. For instance, he declared ‘a war’ on social media authoritarianism in the name of the 1st Amendment. Though this is clearly the right result, Trump is not motivated by any genuine concern for ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘human rights’ he is simply upset that his tweets are subject to ‘fact checks.’

The Left, conversely, tends to make the wrong decisions ,if for good reasons. Fighting inequality is, no doubt, an important goal, however, fueling a race conflict, with the white indigenous population is the worst possible path toward eliminating both racism and discrimination. It’s just a different sort, with whites being the victims. (The recent grooming gangs scandal being a case in point)

Such a tactic only deepens the divide that already splits society. Is this exactly what the Left is trying to achieve? Possibly what it is paid to do?

History teaches us that The Right always wins when the conditions for a Marxist revolution are perfect. As the Left push for a race conflict and further fragmentation of the society, the normal population will see them for what they really are. An illiberal and totalitarian ideology.

All patriots have to do is sit, wait and be ready to step into the forthcoming void as the mask slips from the radical left and the wider population look for a real alternative. The progressive Left will not have a place in it.

Main image courtesy of PublicDomainPictures


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