BLM and Parenting

America is burning with BlackLivesMatter protests and there is widespread criticism of what many on these marches, protests and, in some cases, just plain looting, see as white privilege or even white supremacy.

It seems to have come from nowhere and something is fanning the flames.

Laurence Allen Elder is an American conservative talk radio host, author, and attorney who hosts The Larry Elder Show. He is also a black man. You can see it here

He asks the question “which is the greater threat to black youth. White supremacy or a lack of parenting” The answer is quickly given as parenting, or lack of.

This underlines (as if it’s not shown year in year out), is its got nothing to do with race, or white privilege or supremacy. It has everything with no stable upbringing and what has become habitual bed hopping resulting single parent life styles

A child of any colour without a mentor or life skills guidance, is going to grow under feral survival conditions. It’s not long before peers from the same estate or area and from the same social economic background, will meet. Will group and will form ‘packs’. This was behind the whole youth culture around tattoos, body piercings and has now evolved into street gangs. If a youth cannot get leadership and guidance from a father, they will seek it elsewhere. And gang leaders are only too happy to provide it.

The gang mentality and world view bubble develops. And where there’s a leader, a purpose, a family becomes a street culture and gang

Add to this a social experiment of carrot and reward before stick and you have the basis of a dysfunctional society within a larger one.

Every gang member in a trial area was offered an education and skills to find employment, to self improve and be motivated with new skills. It was based on a negotiation of a timetable around core educational requirements

That experiment was allowed to fail. But the UK education system copied the idea and after understanding nothing about the subject, introduced it into the UK – What we call the ‘Comprehensive Education’ system

Our streets have become a mirror of American streets, but in their infancy. The left wing indoctrination that has created what we see in the US, is now pushed to be the norm here

To underline the point further, here is an article I found on Reddit illustrating how dire the problem has become. It is written by a teacher and makes for a sobering read

I don’t envy his job.



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