The NHS Vaccine and Population Control

I recently wrote about the Lock-down Overreach in the UK here and there has been some talk in government circles over the last few days as to how a vaccine may bring our quarantine to an end, swift or otherwise.

But as with so many things lately, all is not what it seems, at least at first.

Firstly, a few points;
Up until now, there has never been a flu prevention, cure, injection or alternative treatment

The Corona virus is a variation of a related respiratory condition and is associated to flu like symptoms

Until Covid19, there’s never been a global shutdown of lives, and economy, for a flu. So the hysteria now, has to be justified.

The statistical analysis of several independent tests from the thousands tested for the Corona virus show this flu, differs from others before, by name and panic only.

There’s no evidence from several global examples, of testing actually preventing the spread of flu. When statistics are clearly proving the number of people affected is considerably higher by a magnitude than on record, because the symptoms did not require NHS intervention

The test kits potentially imposed, will take however long to be checked (lets assume correctly) will be used to allow a person the right to work. But conveniently excludes if the person tested may have ‘caught’ the flu after a test.

Does the creation of an app serve any purpose other than to issue a panacea to the panic generated? If you agree to accept and download it, are you agreeing to the establishment over seeing your liberty, and having your rights of assembly removed? Additionally will it also allow the physical tracking and ability of the Police to intervene, should they be so instructed?

An app is not a cure for preventing flu, seasonal or otherwise. The annual flu jab is notoriously poor at preventing flu. I had one over several years, I nearly always felt worse afterwards, with the usual flu like symptoms.

China has not, and probably will not, provide any information to any independent medical service or governmental medical science laboratories. The analysis,  is that, by DNA/ Gene sequencing data,  that Covid19 is a flu like virus.

No injection, vaccine or medicine exists or has been found to deal with the flu, either historically or current. This means any claim of one now, means we would have to believe that it was achieved in weeks, not decades. (I know medicine technology is good, but that good? Look how long HIV treatmant took to move off the lab testing phase.)

Here is a link I came across to important changes to the law, it discusses mandatory vaccinations!

Consider this, the UK is looking like the only Country not willing to remove the lock-down. The US is having states making an independent choice, based on localized information.

We are hearing tests will determine you can return to work or not. An app will monitor you, your movements and will determine if your are working or not. And now you’re potentially facing an enforcing order for a vaccine injection, isn’t that a bit like state permission for free movement?.

But the narrative is now that the next spike (not seasonal flu) could be in November/ December, worryingly an all clear might take 2 years!

Dr Andrew Kaufman, Professor of Psychiatry, a molecular biologist and a medical doctor has even disputed that COVID19 has even been properly assessed! Here is an Interview he did for London Real.

The Washington Times on 28th April is also questioning the level of scaremongering over this ‘sinister virus’ here and yesterday, as of time of writing, the much lauded Nightingale Hospital in London, a field hospital with a capacity of 4000 beds, here     at its height used only 35!

Kind of makes you think.

Why not read or research UN Agenda 21/2030, its widely available by doing an internet search, on population control and decide for yourself.
Image by Gerd Altmann

This first appeared inThe Westminster Wing on 5 May 2020

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