What no one tells you about marxist utopia pt2

Leaving all the theorising about the benefits of socialism to one side for a moment here is an actual first hand account. https://www.ckaleb.com/category/life-in-venezuela/

It is from Venezuela, the very state Corbyn recently praised as being a model for the wider world in a tweet https://twitter.com/jeremycorbyn/status/309065744954580992

Here are some extracts from Caleb Caruso, an author who lives in Venezuela it stands out as shinning socialist examples.

On queues;

Taking one of the closest bakeries from where I live as an example, most of the time it’s nearly empty, as nearly empty as their display counters are these days.

Then, at around 01:00pm they put up their daily limited amount of bread for sale; everyone in the area has grown accustomed to this schedule, so that’s when their premises are flooded with people seeking to buy some of that hot stuff. Once the bread is all sold out then back to that calm until the next day.

Not that  dissimilar to the Soviet Union in the 70’s

On water, called the ‘vital liquid’ by the elite class of politicians;

 We just went through two weeks without running water, from the 24th of March until the 5th of April. The last two blackouts that happened towards the end of March knocked off Hidrocapital’s water distribution grid, it took days for power to be stable enough for them to be able to slowly kick the plants back to life.

Once running water returned to this area we had water for a week or so before it was gone once again.

On electricity;

Zulia, my beloved birthplace, has had it bad when it comes to rationing; they’ve had to deal with power rationing blocks that can last up to twelve hours — in some cases, they’ve had to go for up to eighteen hours per day without power.

On money the average working person earns:

2019 is the year were the Venezuelan government turns the tide. This is going to be the year of our definitive economic recovery! Our Worker-President, Driver of Victories, and Son of Chavez said so! Only fourteen days into 2019 and we already got slammed with yet another minimum wage raise—a 300% increase this time. From 4,500 Sovereign Bolivares (450,000,000) to 18,000 (1,800,000,000) per month.

The jump from 4,500 to 18,000 might look good on paper, but then you realize that it only amounts to approximately $6 per month. (This amount will definitely be outdated by time time you are reading this).

This is from a post titled ‘ The trick is to keep breathing’ hardly an endorsement of a utopia Corbyn would love to visit on the UK

At the center of it all are the Venezuelan citizens, the ones that have suffered the worst out of this nightmarish onslaught. We’ve all lost something, be it loved ones, family, possible futures, stability, material objects, weight, health, opportunities, and time.

We know how we want this nightmare to end, but we don’t know how or when it will finally end.

On 14/4/18 in  an interview with investigative journalist Nick Monroe,  the author of the blog said children were eating food scraps from the rubbish tips,  fighting with machetes for the best morsels!

A sobering thought indeed. It is so much more than the “I want my free stuff” promised so readily. No wonder the card carrying socialists want to distance themselves from how socialism ends up.

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