Where Did Free Speech Go

The new Left and Social justice Warriors (SJW) have changed over the past couple of decades. It seems to want to do everything in its power to alienate the very people for whom it alleges to speak. The working class, the disadvantaged and the less privileged.  This has been brought into sharp relief since the Brexit referendum of 2016.

They are more of a protest lobby now, full of middle-class, city-dwelling, bohemian types smoking their weed,  and listening to Bob Dylan.

These people preach peace and harmony, while reciting the mantra of ‘Live and let live’ they speak of the need for ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’ and ‘respect’.

In practice they do the precise opposite of these things, openly frowning upon the lifestyle choices of working-class people, while displaying a sneering intolerance towards their opinions (especially Brexit which is seen, by them as a pseudo racist movement. It isn’t) and demanding no variation of political or social ‘norms’.

It is also  illustrated starkly than in their attempts to be the moral arbiters on the question of what may be considered acceptable language in public discourse.

We are now a long way down the road to the modern SJW’s desired destination – a place where the expression of traditional views that are still held by millions and were relatively mainstream as recently as 20 years ago are, to all intents and purposes, banned.


Try discussing with these people – these self-appointed guardians  – the idea that immigration levels are too high and should be reduced or at least controlled. You’re a xenophobe.

Try saying that kids are better served being raised by two parents, one of each sex. Your homophobic.

Don’t believe someone with the anatomy of a man can suddenly become a woman just because he says he is? Transphobe.

Believe multiculturalismhas been a monumental failure? Racist

There are no shades of grey in their world. You’re either with them or you’re a knuckle-dragger and probably a thick Brixiteer too.

The purpose, of course, is to shut down debate. To establish a public narrative that fits with their worldview. It’s a dual attack, which uses the ever-tightening grip of the law on the one hand – supporting increasingly draconian legislation designed to deter ‘hate speech’ (which is a subjective term) – and the threat of public condemnation and excommunication from society on the other.


See, the modern SJW thinks the world began in 1968 (or, for the younger ones, with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader). Their world is the one of ‘liberation’, of the cultural revolution, of liberal cosmopolitanism, of open borders, of the shaking off of ‘oppressive’ authority and disregard for the concept of personal responsibility and restraint.

Which is diametrically opposed to the majority of people in this country; its patriotism, belief in the importance of family, community, reciprocity and personal morality, they view this as from another outdated time. The phrase male, pale and stale is often used, itself racist by definition.

Despite, or perhaps because of, this, the modern SJW has seen its ideas achieve dominance not only throughout the Labour party , they also  infect all main political parties,  as well as  the trade union movement, liberal media and public sector t. Its long march through the institutions is well advanced. (see Saul Alinskys  Rulebook for Radicals for more on this)

But there is a price to pay for this political and cultural ideology. And that price can already be seen in the utter estrangement of millions of hard-working families from the  process, ostracised as they are by a political class that not only fails to reflect their views and desires, but actively seeks to delegitimise and toxify them.

And it ploughs on regardless, certain in its own moral rightness, intent on driving ‘unpalatable’ opinions from the public square (read  social media platforms there) and financially punishing   those who dare speak them.

The old Left v Right continuum has gone, in its place is a cross diagram  that also includes Authoritarian v Libertarian. The SJWs aren’t left or liberal at all. You can see they are firmly in the authoritarian camp, near fascism with a common love of suppression of free speech, independent thought and deductive reasoning. The very things they allege they support!

Right v Left Lib v Auth

These authoritarian zealots threaten the freedom of all of us. Establishment conservatives are also in the cross hairs. Only this week 35 ministers were told to find another party to call home, their views were that much out of line with the official line.

The referendum has seen people, ordinary people,  reject their dictatorial assaults on free speech, with their echo chambers, safe spaces and faux  outrage. They say; no more the apologies for having expressed a genuinely-held view.

Never apologize. Never explain. That just makes it look like you are guilty of something.

We must make our case, stand our ground and be prepared to take the slings and arrow of outrageous anger. If people are offended, tough. It’s time to hit back against the group-thinkers and no-platformers.

The modern SJW, with its hectoring, screeching intolerance, must be confronted. It doesn’t speak for me, nor for millions of fellow citizens. And it never will.

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