Can you sell books on social media?

A large social media presence won’t sell loads of books!
I observation as hearing of a colleague one who had a 93K member group, specifically targeted to that audience, and sold about twenty of those books…
  • You have to understand something about social media, the users expect info–any info–to be free and most of all to be convenient, that is it has to be on one platform, often it is Facebook.
  • People who are committed to social media have largely given up reading books.


  • Most people on Facebook don’t have the money to buy a book, or they don’t have credit to have an account at Amazon, etc. Most, if they read a book, will read it second-hand. For free. That’s not to say there’s a connection between FB and being broke, it’s that most people are on Facebook, and many people are watching their finances, but Facebook is free so they use it. But they aren’t buying books.


  • Self-promotion is counter-productive. The more you say your book is good, the more it SEEMS like  it’s not.


  • I have yet to figure out how books are sold. It is a mystery to me. Additionally, I don’t think the big publishers know how to do it any better either. That’s why if you get a book contract they expect YOU to do all the marketing–to use your advance to do ALL the legwork. Because they know they’ll never recoup the cost of marketing unless you are a big name with a massive, proven fan base…. and definitely not from a book.
So, let’s say you have a fiction novel idea. I have a very unique one about secret societies, its a sequel to The Tribute Of Babylon(so unique, I won’t discuss it until  I’ve had it  published). What should I do?
Probably what I SHOULD do is  build a group around secret societies fans. Not fans of me as a writer, but fans of secretive societies, symbology and perhaps rituals used in said societies. It will probably take a couple of years to finish this novel. (I think it’s going to be around 80,000 words, and I want the quality writing to be good–the story is taken care of.) So, I have a couple of years to create the largest crowd I can. And, it needs to focus on people who read.
* So, I will start a website.
* Start a Facebook group and join other groups.
* Start a Twitter account for it.
* Start a blog for it (making the Website a WordPress blog).
* Start a GoodReads group and join whatever is already there
* And be nice to everyone I meet. Bad press does NOT sell books. No one buys from an author they don’t like.
Notice I’m not talking about me at all here as a writer.
About three months out from publication, start talking about my book.
The bottom line is; I have no idea if this will work at all
Please comment/debate/argue/swear as you see fit. I am  open to any ideas anyone has.
I can also be found on  Facebook here and Twitter here
Details of my books can be found on my Author page on this link


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