What makes a good book?

A good book is one that makes the reader feel. It takes the reader on a journey. Calling a book “good” is an opinion and that can be applied to any book. A book can be considered good if it is a great story with average writing. My writing certainly has its faults if I’m honest but hopefully the story and characters make up for that!

.  A great story with many struggles and ultimate success, or otherwise, can be told even when the writing is not excellent. Some storylines are not compelling, but they are so well written, evoking memories and feelings in the reader, that people will recommend them.

The criteria I use to gauge whether a book is worth reading will be different to another readers.  However, I do read outside my preferences sometimes.

For example, I was  recommended American Psycho by a friend even though I was unsure I would like the topic (90’s yuppie culture and serial killing) or genre (memoir) by an author I had never read Brett Easton Ellis. I loved it, it transported me to New York and the scenes were so realistic I sometimes had to put it down!

If a book is written well and tells a great story, it has more of a chance of making a difference in people’s lives. However, a book need only be good to the reader.

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