Prison Never Leaves You


Alex remembered when he came out of prison and Jaye had collected him. He had a feeling of going full circle. And it  was not a nice feeling.

“If we back off now…” Alex was interrupted by Jaye, “That is not an option. If you do that, they know they have won and will just come and nick you anyway. No. You, and we, have to see this through. It’s the only way. Believe me.”

“What do you suggest?” Alex said, he needed some guidance from someone more experienced in this field.

His thoughts returned to prison life.

He had been thinking about what Jaye had said when they were holed up in MacDonald’s. Jaye had mentioned something about being set up. They both knew this, but he had also said something about if they turn back now. If they stopped and just went back to working at RLN, (if there was still an RLN), well, they couldn’t go back.

They wouldn’t be allowed. Too much had happened. They knew too much. It would just be a matter of time before the inevitable drugs bust ,or worse, befell them. The only possible outcome would be prison. Back to the landings, the 23 hours in a cell, the visits would kill his mother and who knows how long he would get. Images of his past flashed by in his mind, like a movie stuck in  fast-forward. He would be out of harm’s way that’s for sure.


And what of Lydia? He knew the regime, sort of. But her? He had no idea how she would cope. And he didn’t think she did either. He needed a diversion and a plan.

An excerpt from chapter 8 of the forth coming book ‘The Ledger’ currently being edited.

Visit my author page here for details of my other works of fiction currently available


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