Solace In A Lonely Place


“There is a DDoS attack going on,” Jaye said casually, “which is why you cannot upload. The office phones are out too.”

“It IS serious stuff, then,” said Lydia, stating the obvious, before continuing. “We just narrowly missed being busted.”

“Busted! What for? Who by?” Jaye gasped, the story was certainly ramping up the pace now.

“We think it is Special Branch. We overheard them at the front counter of the hotel saying we were supposedly wanted about a drugs enquiry. We got out the back, just in time to see some uniforms going in the back way. Presumably to catch us if we tried to escape. They just missed us though. It was a close call.”

“I’ll say, especially as Special Branch don’t deal with drugs, that’s a Drug Squad job. How do you know it’s Special Branch?”

There was a pause on the line while Jasmine came on.

“Can I tell you what I think? Special Branch have farmed it out to Drug Squad. That creates some distance between who they are trying to protect. If the SB arrest you, then, unless it is a matter of national security questions will be asked. Misuse of resources, that sort of thing. Drugs, on the other hand, can be planted. You both get nicked. Held in a cell. Brought to trial and then processed.”

“Processed?” echoed Lydia, her voice sounded  hollow and distant.

“Yes,” Jaye came back on, “sent down, prison, Doing time. You won’t be writing any articles  then.”


Alex remembered when he came out of prison and Jaye had collected him. He had a feeling of going full circle. And it  was not a nice feeling.

“If we back off now…” Alex was interrupted by Jaye, “That is not an option. If you do that, they know they have won and will just come and nick you anyway. No. You, and we, have to see this through. It’s the only way. Believe me.”

“What do you suggest?” Alex said, he needed some guidance from someone more experienced in this field.

Alex also realised he was looking at Lydia, noticing the deep brown of her eyes, he also saw  she was looking at him.


An excerpt from chapter 8 of the forth coming book ‘The Ledger’ currently being edited.

Visit my author page here for details of my other works of fiction currently available


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