Going Deeper (another excerpt)

This excerpt is from my forthcoming book, Going Deeper. As I said in my last post, t is a crime thriller and book 2 of The Tribute Of Babylon trilogy. It is due for publication very soon. This scene is from inside the crime hub! I hope you enjoy it. 

Something caught his eye. There were spotlights at intervals, along one of the walls, angled to illuminate, framed pictures of angry art work hung at jarring angles.

Simplistic in style, almost infantile, reds were the predominant colors.

A series of pictures showed adults in silhouette, judging by their height, standing in front of smaller figures who were clearly minors. He angled the camera to capture the grisly images. Tears were shown jetting from the subjects eyes in some. Others had red gashes to simulate blood spurting.

One was particularly disturbing. It depicted five sad looking androgynous teens in various states of bondage. They were pictured in a row. Awaiting some fate. Their hollow illuminated eyes looking pleadingly, back at the viewer. Jaye grimaced, he did not have time to dwell on the gallery, though. People began to drift into the dining area, chatting, pulling up seats as id getting ready for a live act, their gaze looking expectantly in the direction of the open floor space.

Jaye estimated there to be between forty and fifty people here. A heavy, hypnotic music played in the background adding to the effect, this must be what he had heard in the cellar corridor below. At the far end of the room, was a closed door.

Jaye was struck by the audience make-up. There were few females in attendance, except for the ones serving. It was a strange cross section of modern society, from eager eyed mid-twenties types right up to hoary suited men, stooped with age. An unusual mix indeed. From Jaye’s vantage point, it looked like an image from a Hieronymus Bosch painting. Depicting a hell with all its depraved inhabitants, devouring and feasting on the hapless mortals sent there.

In the middle of the open floor area a silver pole extended, floor to ceiling, like the type found in lap dancing clubs.

An emaciated woman, who looked in her early twenties appeared from the far end of the bar.  She was dressed in heels, and a shiny black PVC number. To a round of applause and jeers she slowly, nervously, walked to the pole in the centre of the room and began gyrating. The music was turned up to a pulsating level.

Food was now being laid out on all the tables, it was of the buffet variety. Jaye’s eyes were drawn beyond the bar and pole. Beyond that the door that was closed before was now open, leading to a darkened space. It reminded Jaye of the caverns on a fairground ghost train.

No one was really touching the food. All attention was on the archway. A feeling of anticipation ensued as the guests stared in their seats, all eyes in one common direction

I will be posting some more excerpts here, also some from Book 1 too, so stay tuned! And thanks for reading.

Book 1 is available at all good book stores and https://www.amazon.com/Tribute-Babylon-Brand-New-Alexander/dp/1979363234/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1515591494&sr=8-11&keywords=andrew+l+gardner

Photo by Erick Marroquín

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