Going Deeper (an excerpt)


Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Going Deeper. It is a crime thriller and book 2 of The Tribute Of Babylon trilogy  This scene is when the the enormity of what is really going first comes to light! I hope you enjoy it.

The corridor curved round to the left, dated wallpaper hung from frequent damp patches. He couldn’t see beyond the curve, slowly his breathing returned to a steady rate and he proceeded. It seemed to continue for ages and his foot caught on a hole in the worn threadbare carpet. He stumbled forward then reached out to the sodden wall to steady himself. ‘Breath one, breath two’ he thought to himself. Jaye was now at the foot of some narrow stairs, the third step completely missing.

He began to ascend, missing the third.

At the top a part glazed door looked down at him and he hoped it didn’t open, It would not take much for a kick to send him tumbling back down to the bottom.

He carefully approached the dirty stained glass, the condensation giving it a smoked glass effect. That would obscure vision from the other side. Carefully he brought his face up to the grimy glass, eyes scanning left and right. Beyond were two more glazed doors, like the type you find in hotels that were for fire regulations, rather than access. Gently, he pushed against the door he was looking through, it squealed on rusty hinges. He winced, but he had no need. The music he first heard down below filled the tiny space. He angled his body sideways and slipped through the ajar gap.


Beyond these two doors a diner restaurant was to the right with seating at small round tables. To the left the floor opened out. It was poorly illuminated, punctuated only by the intermittent flashes from the coloured lights in the blackened ceiling. ‘This is where the action would be.’ He thought to himself, then another thought occurred to him.

The others were in the van! Slowly he eased the body camera from his jacket and held it to the glass, not close, in case it was seen, but enough to transmit images back to the recording rig. The door he had just come through, he wedged open with a foot- if anyone came up the stairs, the only exit he had, he wanted to hear them coming. Now it was just wait.


He did not have to wait long.

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I will be posting some more excerpts here so stay tuned! And thanks for reading.

Photo by Photo by Julien-Pier Belanger

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