Quitting Social Media

I have given up on social media. I have personally found it to be time wasting and distracting. The benefits, if you can call them that, seem to be diminishing in to an ever decreasing  vortex.

Facebook is the biggest. It probably always will be too. The serial entrepreneur Alan Sugar was once heard to say on his ‘The Apprentice’ TV show when addressing a hopeful loser to one of his challenges “The first to market, gets the market”. This is certainly true of the Zuckerberg empire. I only really used out of habit, to belong to the ever-increasing circle of people who were ‘on’ it.

There are only so many pictures of cats and food that I can take! And as for motivational quotes copied and pasted from another user…In the end I just used it to keep in touch  with family members.

The habit of checking it every five minutes for absolutely no reason just died on its own. I asked myself ‘Was it really that important?’ I just saw no reason it keeping up the interaction in the end.

For Twitter it was a different story, over the last two years it seems to have become more politicised. A kind of echo chamber, where a certain dialogue is projected with the expectation of an agreeable response coming back. If it doesn’t,  the exchange would follow a similar, well-worn path: I’ll state or comment on something. Then I’ll be asked for evidence, which is quickly dismissed as false/ lies/ plain wrong, followed by a questioning of ‘How could you say this?’. This gets countered by me, which will then warrant a reply (often in CAPS to impart importance or volume of reply) followed by another insult/ threat etc. All because I dared to have an opinion! Well I don’t know about you but I left school some time ago!

Instagram I deleted off of my phone, if I am honest I posted on there for the self esteem boosts I would get from the likes on my pictures. It got to the point where the ‘likes were the most important part of the process. Which, if you think about it makes the process irrelevant.

It’s easy to  get into the hype of getting a high follow count. There was no real value in all the time I was spending on the site and so the logical thing was to avoid it altogether.

Then there is the recent study by Ethan Kross of Michigan University that Facebook makes you depressed! http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/how-facebook-makes-us-unhappy

Well that did it for me! Since leaving social media, my attention span has dramatically increased. This has led me to perform better at work, actually listen to people, as opposed to passively hearing them, when they are talking to me.

These are just opinions. People use social media for their own reasons and not every one of them will be the same as mine. I do know that I have just found that my own quality of life has increased since leaving and I don’t miss them at all.

Perhaps you would like to share your thoughts on this?


  1. Thought provoking post. I was avoiding Twitter and Facebook only to discover that trying to get any serious amount of readership for an opinion website is next to impossible without using those platforms. Becoming aware of the bias of those platforms was very alarming in light of the near monopoly they have. I am investigating this subject for a post(s) in future.

    Disqus is a sort of social media but I think its a very good system in fact and it encourages people to comment on sites they don’t often visit because of the ease of logging in – a single login for all sites using it. That is why we chose Disqus for the Participator. There is a Disqus community – the same people appear on multiple sites. Some very well informed people are Disqus commenters, and often the comments are more interesting than the articles they appear under (no 140 character limit). Obviously there is quite a lot of noise among the comments as well. Anyway sorry Disqus is a little bit off topic.

    Gab deserves a mention I think . I am finding useful people (including you Andrew) on there, and I’m picking up a lot of very useful info. from links to news and articles. I am spending a lot of time on there at the risk of being labelled a “Nazi” by the SJW crowd. Once you are labelled as a Nazi you are effectively condemned to death by the fascist “anti-fascist” crowd. btw Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux are both prominent far-right people apparently (this will be the subject of another forthcoming post). I’m wandering slightly off topic again, but I think we should support gab regardless of this risk because right now I see it as one small glimmer of hope in breaking the above-mentioned monopoly.

    Sorry for the slightly hastily written comment.


    1. Yes, totally agree with you there. No need to apologise. I had in fact forgotten about Gab.There seems, in my limited experience, to be much less ‘trash posting’ and ‘click-baiting’ on that platform. Worth noting that Stefan Molyneux is a philosopher in the Hobbes, Locke and Kant tradition. Not previously known for extremist thinking

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