Another First Blog Post!

Hello to anyone who finds this!

The famous first post, that we all hear so much about. Well it holds more promise than a Last Post, thats for sure. The last post is the sorrowful bugle call played in Eb, on a lone horn at the end of a military campaign. Commemorating those who have fallen.

It is also played at a military funeral, but enough of going off topic. First post it is called and first post it shall be.

As and introduction is the norm, here is mine. My name is Andrew Gardner and I am a writer. I’ve been writing stories of the shorter variety over the past few years and I am now at the stage of first edit of my full length book, a thriller, set in contemporary England. Or should I say this disunited kingdom, this septic Isle. but more of that later.

I haven’t always been a writer. In previous incarnations I have been an engineer, a health and wellness coach and this gradually morphed into hypnotherapy and emotional coaching. All of which serve to underpin my writing. I am certainly never short of characters, that is for sure! You’ll find out if you stick around.

As they say in Latin; Tempora mutant, et dos mutamur in illis. or Times are changing and we are changing with it!

This blog will be part journal of my writing process and the ways I have found works for me, and in part  comments and observations on the world we now find ourselves in. In essay form, or a short story, I will trial it here. Sometimes scary, sometimes challenging. but always with hope. And hopefully you, dear reader, will find this interesting. Interesting enough to come back. By the way, I refer to you in the singular, but I’m hoping reader becomes readers as we become many along the way.

There is comments section and I welcome all and any feedback. There will also be a place to leave your email so we can keep in touch. And if you have a request for a certain topic to cover, then leave that in the section below too!

I look forward to hearing from you, so until we meet again, so long.

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